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Hina Kagiyama [Master of Warding Away Bad Luck] ([personal profile] hexer) wrote2012-11-24 01:15 pm

Unknown Curse | Action for anywhere and everywhere

[Greetings, citizens of Johto and even Kanto! How are you all feeling? Have you been feeling run down with bad luck lately? Maybe you're just unfortunate in general... Do not despair any longer! For today, you will be able to have your horrible luck taken away from you in what might amount to one of the most overkill ways imaginable!

If you happen to have your eyes in the air today, you might see a green and red blur spinning around the sky with multiple little doppelgangers following around; those little doppelgangers will go after anyone with even the slightest bit of bad luck on them! If you're unfortunate enough, you might even get a swarm of them!

Don't worry though, Hina has a good idea where all of her dolls are--she's close enough that she'll definitely be able to hear complaints if someone has them. She won't get too close, and she'll advise you not to do the same; she's a horrible pool of bad luck, after all.]

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[All in all, Utena's been doing pretty well for herself lately. But, truth be told, things weren't so great before she landed in Johto. Betrayal, heartbreak, failed dreams and aspirations... those misfortunes were what Utena had to deal with during her last days at Ohtori Academy. But, she's not thinking about that right now. Right now she's thinking...]

What the heck are those?

[She gapes at the tiny little doppelgangers running around. Is this another swarm of ghosts, like back in October? Or is this something related to the strange events that have hit Johto lately? Either way, her hand grips a pokeball, ready to defend herself in case these things turn dangerous]
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[Utena jerks up when she hears the voice, and stares at Hina, her eyes wide. With the way she's floating down like that, she almost looks like some kind of fairy princess, and despite her apprehension, she can't help but feel a sense of awe. It's short-lived, though, and she quickly shakes her head in an attempt to snap back to reality]

Okay, but - what are they doing, exactly? You don't exactly see these things every day, you know...

[Not to mention that the last time she saw a group of toys like this, they weren't quite so nice. Granted, they don't seem so bad now that they've stopped staring at her, but she still can't shake the sense of unease she felt when she first saw them]